Bergen Real Estate

Bergen Real Estate specializes in a new target group-oriented marketing of real estate.

We mediate and market residential and commercial properties to local or international Networks of private and institutional customers without using the classic sale channels.

With our strategy we are fastdiscreet and above all innovative.

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Capital investment in Berlin-Treptow

Vermietete Wohnung kaufen Berlin als Kapitalanlage

Townhouse in Berlin-Lichterfelde

We know the value of your property

Spend about 3 minutes of your time

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Our Services

Free valuation of your property, procurement of all property documents,

Energy performance certificate, floor plan optimization,

Creation of a professional and exclusive synopsis and much more.

Information about the Berlin rent cap

Rental Cap in Berlin now officially in force.

We have the current rent cover Berlin table.

What do you as a landlord have to do now?