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Fabian Grünewald

I was born in Berlin-Zehlendorf in 1978 and spent my childhood there. Very early on, I discovered my interest in architecture, the art of building and modern living, which has also shaped my career from the start. After graduating from high school, I did an apprenticeship as a real estate and housing management clerk in my home town of Berlin before my path led me to the USA.

There I completed a degree in Marketing & Communication at Florida International University (FIU). As a freshly qualified Master of Advertising and Design, I stayed for another four years to gain international experience as a Marketing VP in Miami. During this time I was involved in projects with private real estate without losing sight of my home town. The global real estate markets still inspire me today whenever I look after international clients. My Berlin roots finally brought me back to my homeland and brought me together professionally with Nicolas Ruland. I not only share a great interest in the real estate world with my business partner, but also personal memories of our childhood together in Berlin. This is the cornerstone of our Bergen Real Estate project.

In my private life, too, I have deep roots in my home town. Today I live in Berlin-Wilmersdorf with my wife and two children. The centre of my life is and remains Berlin, both privately and professionally.

Nicolas Ruland

I also have my roots in Berlin and I was born there in 1978. I spent my childhood and youth in Berlin-Dahlem. My entrepreneurial spirit awoke during my studies in business administration and marketing communication. As a student, I founded my first mobility service company. This project grew into a large team with more than 900 people in the following 20 years.

During this time I also actively lived out my interest in the real estate industry. In doing so, I followed a passion that was instilled in me by my family from my cradle. I am now in the third generation of real estate and brokered my first properties to clients in my early twenties. Today, out of interest in special properties, I work as a real estate advisor in Berlin and Brandenburg to look after regional and international clients. It is my motivation to successfully market real estate by implementing appropriate strategies.

In my private life, I prefer to spend time with my son in the Uckermark. As a passionate sailor, I also discover Berlin and the Brandenburg region from the water. The centre of my life is the beautiful city of Potsdam. I have had a close friendship with my business partner since we were children.

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